What does the ABS do?

We care for architects, assistants, technologists and landscape architects and their dependants. We provide practical and financial help to people of all ages who have experienced redundancy, illness, accident, bereavement or some other personal misfortune.

A family triumph!

Theo's architect father died not long after his seventeenth birthday after almost eighteen months in a coma following a massive stroke. The strain of spending every day at his hospital bedside took its toll on Theo’s mother who died soon after of pancreatic cancer, which the family often describes as a broken heart. Overnight he became parent to three younger brothers and a sister aged just nine.

Can you give some time to help change a life?

Regional and Branch Representatives play a key role in serving as a local contact for any person involved in architecture who may be in need of help from the Society. They also play an important part in encouraging colleagues to raise funds for the ABS.


Just £5 each month would enable the ABS to help someone with a real need. Perhaps you have had a windfall, and unexpected debt has been settled or an extra large commission earned and you would like to share this by making a one off donation. Click here to make a donation quickly and easily via our JustGiving page. Through your generosity you could change a life so that tomorrow could be better for someone in need of a helping hand.

Trying to get your career back on track?

If you have recently been made redundant or are trying to get your career back on track, the ABS has produced a useful pack which might be of benefit to you.