Christmas Appeal update – Thomas’s Story

“Just when life seems good, fate can really turn round and kick you in the teeth. That’s what happened to me. And it could happen to any one of us, which is why it’s very reassuring to know that as professionals who work in the built environment, we can turn to the Society for help when we need it.”

Last Christmas, you may have received a letter from Thomas: an appeal to the profession, urging you to make a donation to the Society.  Thanks to his efforts, we have raised over £3,000 to help other people in need.

Thomas never expected that he would need help from the Society.  He is a landscape architect, with many years of experience and has never been unemployed in that time. However, one of his usual bike rides changed his life.  Whilst cycling, Thomas was suddenly thrown off his bike and fell down into a ravine.  The accident caused him to fracture his spine, leaving him unable to work for a very long period of time.

“Cycling made me happy, and my social life was based around bikes. The accident knocked out my entire life for a while; it was a crushing experience.”

To make matters worse, he was due to start a new job only two days after the accident.  Thomas contacted the Society from hospital.  He never expected that his cycling accident would take him out of work for such a long period of time. That’s where the Society was able to step in and help. We were able to provide immediate assistance through a regular grant and confidential advice, allowing him to focus on his physical and mental recovery without financial worry. 

“I haven’t stopped cycling since my uncle took the stabilisers off my bike when I was a kid. In fact, I did a fundraising bike ride for the Architects Benevolent Society three years ago, cycling the last stage of the P2P (Portland in America to Portland Place in London) with Peter Murray and the gang.”

Thomas is now working full time as a Senior Landscape Architect and feels he is a productive member of society again.

“I’m not sure what would have happened to me without this support.”

The ABS stepped in quickly to help Thomas and we can do the same for others, thanks to the donations we received from his appeal.

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