Let us take you by the hand...

Exhibition open: 1PM to 6PM, Monday to Friday from 8th June to 30th June. 

Location: Brady Mallalieu Architects, Studio D, 400 Caledonian Rd, London, N1 1DN [See Map]

About the Exhibition:

Since the Architects Benevolent Society was formed in 1850 in the Freemasons Tavern, London, the city has grown and changed dramatically, yet our goal of providing help and support to the wider architectural community in “necessitous circumstances” remains our mission to this day. In 1850, we helped four people in their time of need, and now we help hundreds of people across the UK every year.

We want to take you by the hand and lead you through our timeline dating back to 1850. The timeline features a range of images created using a variety of media, by people closely connected with our charity. These images capture the diversity of architecture in London, innovations throughout the years, as well as the personal stories which give insight into why such a lasting memory was evoked. We have also delved into our historical records to find stories of architects supported by the charity over a hundred years ago, including one of the first four, who was “overtaken by sickness and want; a paralytic attack having entirely disabled him from the exercise of his pencil”.  Needless to say, there have been significant changes in the use of language since 1850 too!

We are also holding a launch event, where we will be auctioning some images featured on our timeline to raise funds for our charity.

Please visit the exhibition during the month.  It will be open on Monday-Friday from 8th June to 30th June.  It's open from 1 to 6 PM and is free to enter.

Art Auction

Over 40 Art Pieces have kindly been donated to the Society to for an auction.  These are all on display at the exhibition itself.  You can also see the pieces available for the auction by clicking here.

Money raised from this auction will go to the Society, helping us to support more people in need.  Please have a look at the pieces and contact us if you are interested in placing a bid. 

Current Bid Levels:

The auction has now ended.  Thank you to everyone who placed a bid, we will be contacting the winners in due course.  A few pieces are still up for sale so if you are interested in buying those, please place your bids.  We will only accept bids on pieces that are not marked as sold. 

Please have a look at the auction brochure (which you can find over here), as many photos have been cropped in this image below.

If you are interested in placing a bid, please contact us via the online form you can find here.

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